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Danny Kennedy
Danny Kennedy – Hardgainer Gets a RIPPED Back and JACKED Arms✝✝
Danny Kennedy : 19 Victoria , Australia
For anyone who does anything athletic or strives to learn more about fitness, then this program is for you. Not only is the program second to none and the meal plan super easy to follow, but with Jeff's e-mails once a week and the YouTube weekly videos you really learn so much that you can't go wrong with this program.
Jeff is constantly teaching you new things weekly to help further your nutrition and training. If you aren't a part of TEAM ATHLEAN yet, hurry up and stop wasting your time and start training like an athlete.  
Zachary Belisle Zachary Belisle
Zachary Belisle – SIX PACK ABS he never thought were POSSIBLE✝✝
Zachary Belisle : 20 Sacramento , California
Thanks for the great program Jeff! You are a genius. I thought the program was awesome and helped me get great results in 90 days. I was always a little bit overweight growing up and never thought I would be able to achieve that 6 pack physique. But with ATHLEAN-X training program I was able to.
I still have some progress to go, but I know now that I am on the right track and have the right trainer in you, Jeff, and training program with ATHLEAN-X. Thanks Jeff, you have made me a fan.  
James Lemaster James Lemaster
James Lemaster – Stagnant Workouts END HERE✝✝
James Lemaster: 24 Colorado Springs, Colorado
Thanks Jeff for a great program. It has helped me from being stagnt, I sit down for most of the day so I look forward to working out now everyday with the new challenges and always changing workouts.  I will continue with ATHLEAN-X for the rest of my life. I loved the different challenges in the program always kept it different and changed it up like no other program out there.
I felt like I was getting stronger each day and loved it. Keep up the great work guys, always looking forward to whats coming next.  
Dan Boilore Dan Boilore
Dan Boilore – Consistent PLATEAU FREE results✝✝
Dan Boilore: 26 Alpena, Michigan
I  was able to shed layers of fat while simultaneously developing 6 pack abs. Because of all the unique workouts Athlean-X provides, i was able to stick to the program to get the results I was looking for. The Athlean-X program's distinctive combination of challenges along with burst training, allow for completely consistent, plateau free results.
I was able to burn and cut his body fat percentage, while never reaching that dreaded results plateau. After numerous rounds of Athlean-X, I'm still seeing changes in my body. Just wish I had discovered ATHLEAN-X earlier.  
Jason Newton
Jason Newton – Loving His Results After Just 7 Weeks!✝✝
Jason Newton: 39 Egg Harbor, New Jersey
I bought the entire program and I love it, absolutely fantastic and I'm only in week 7. It keeps you motivated with constant new workouts each day. As well as weekly and monthly challenges that you can test yourself against Jeff scores and see how you rack up. I look forward to finishing just so I can find out what is NXT.
Thanks for all around great program Jeff and TEAM ATHLEAN. You guys do a great job and keep up the good work.  
Will Whittington
Will Whittington
Crystal Springs, Mississippi
Results may not be typical, Individual results may vary.*
Andrew Knollman
Andrew Knollman
Amelia , Ohio
Results may not be typical, Individual results may vary.*
Jason Torres
Jason Torres
Melbourne, Florida
Results may not be typical, Individual results may vary.*
Luis Ochoa Luis Ochoa
Luis Ochoa – From Flab to Abs (ROCKS AN 8 PACK!!)✝✝
Luis Ochoa: 25 Stockton, California
Jeff you are the best. Thanks for a great program. Before I had trained with ATHLEAN-X I would sometimes spend up to 3 hours in the gym, what did that get me....very little muscle definition. Once I started training with ATHLEAN-X I saw my body making major changes and the best part I only had to train for a short period of time.
I now have a 6 pack Jeff thanks to you. My eating and training have changed and you helped me so much. Thanks Jeff!  
Henri Capin Gally Henri Capin Gally
Henri Capin Gally✝✝
Henri Capin Gally : 33 Mexico City, Mexico
One year ago I decided to start working out again. I spent several hours in the gym 6 days a week for 18 straight months, working-out as hard as I could; this led nowhere. Finally, 90 days ago I found your program. I can say its transformed my philosophy towards working out, it has produced unimaginable athletic and aesthetic results. I just came back from a surfing trip (after completing the AX-1 program), I surfed better that when I was 20 years old; my arms never felt drained, in spite of spending 4 to 5 hours per day catching waves; I felt quick on my feet, with great balance, I am still in awe.
I feel athletic, full of energy and look forward to the AX exciting workouts everyday. Your program also taught me to eat and to think seriously about nutrition. I am thrilled to have started the AX-2 program.    
Matthew Rosenberger Matthew Rosenberger
Matt Rosenberger – Underwear Model Gets “Cover Ready” Abs… and Keeps Them Year Round!✝✝
Matthew Rosenberger: 28 Brooklyn, New York
The key to my success is staying ripped all year round so about a year ago I did a search on YouTube for ab workouts initially and that’s when I came across “Washboard Wednesday”. Before this, I really didn’t have variety in the ab routine I was on at the time. I knew I needed to take it up a notch and try something new and when I watched some of the videos; I noticed right away that the way Jeff’s physique was exactly the look I needed in order to book jobs.
After trying the “Washboard Wednesday” ab routine in 12 weeks or less I immediately noticed an extreme difference in abdominal definition that I accomplished. At that point I did what anyone else in my shoes would have done; I went ahead and bought the entire program at a reasonable cost. Now everyone at the gym asks me where I get all my exercises from and that motivates me even more to keep following the ATHLEAN-X system and nutrition advice. My self esteem has improved and I never have to worry about what I will be doing next in the gym, not to mention the pay increase. The money spent on the ATHLEAN-X program was definitely well returned.  
Leandro Estevam Leandro Estevam
Leandro Estevam✝✝
Leandro Estevam: 36 Catanduva, Brazil
I love the way the ATHLEAN-X Program was created and developed using science as the basis for what we do. It' definitely better than any of the other programs I tried before and that includes both P90X and Insanity. The diverse combination of exercises each week makes me always feel excited to continue. The core workouts are simply awesome and really work! I never had a six pack as sharp as this in my life and I attribute that all to unique ways you had us train our core.
Even on days we weren't directly working abs, I could still feel them working! ATHLEAN-X has helped me to completely change the way I workout and the way I eat. I'm hooked! Thank you to the entire ATHLEAN-X staff for all you do. You've changed my life!  
Edgar P Edgar P
Edgar Palominos✝✝
Edgar P: 19 Mountain View , California
After gaining a bad 70 lbs over a 2 year span in high school, and went from a size 29 waist to 34, it was hard for me because I was always the athletic type of guy who plays soccer. At the age of 19 I decided to try to get back in shape and turned to the program INSANITY which was okay for the first week or so because I couldn’t force myself to stay on the program longer, it was too hard for my body to handle at that time. I was online when I came across ATHLEAN-X, I was interested, saw some YouTube videos and liked what I saw.
After purchasing the AX-1 program I was hooked after the 1st workout. I saw a great change in my weight as I went from 195 lbs to 148. After completing the AX-1 I purchased the AX-2 and I can say I’m in the best shape I’ve been in a long time! I love this program and have recommended it to many people who are thinking of turning to INSANITY or P90X. A life changer!!